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We, Justem Co.,Ltd supply non-contact wafer thickness measurement machine, wafer thickness sorting machines, automation machines for lapping/polishing processes and wafer transferring machines for Si wafers, SiC wafers and Sapphire wafers.

Those machines are required for process automation or labor-saving purposes at customer processing lines and we JUSTEM design and manufacture them with our own technology development and sell them to many customers.

We also design and manufacture specialized or customized machines for processing electronic parts or automobile parts and sell them to customers.


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・「Sake Tasting Equipment (Type JSS-01)」
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・「SiC Wafer Thickness Measuring Equipment (Type TME-05)」
・「MEMS Wafer Thickness・Si Stepped Measuring Equipment (Type TME-06)」
・「Wafer Thickness Measuring Equipment (Type TME-07)」
・「Wafer Inspection Instrument (Type MWL-01)」
・「Chip Transfer Machine (Type CRM-01)」
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